About our online store

Naturamrut Organics was started in 2018 by a young healthprenuer and organic farmer Mr. Vipul Godhani. His family has been involved in chemical free and organic farming for 4 generations. So he has very good knowledge of organic farming.


Bridging the Gap, From Organic Farm to Healthy Table

Naturamrut Organics is helping farmers who are doing or want to do organic and chemical free farming. We help them to get right crop selection, the best quality seeds, higher production and better price for their crops. Now a days 600+ organic farmers are connected with us and they all are very happy to join with us.

We supply the best quality Organic, Natural and Healthy products direct from farmers to health conscious people at their doorstep. We encourage more and more farmers to grow chemical free and organic farming and people to eat healthy food.

About us


Naturamrut Organics is not just a company, it’s a mission to Make Healthy Bhararat. Our vision is to give farmers respect and increase their income. We want to save our Nature and Culture.

We knows that it is not possible to complete this mission only by us. So we are heartly invited you to join with us in this mission and give pleasure to nature, farmer, village workers and health lover people. So come and “LET’S MAKE HEALTHY BHARAT

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Where Tradition Meets Taste, Cultivating a Healthier World.

Overall, Naturamrut Organics plays a vital role in the organic food industry by:

  • Ensuring quality: Delivering fresh, organic produce directly to consumers.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle: Encouraging organic food choices for a healthier future.

1. Focus on Organic Farming

Naturamrut Organics prioritizes chemical-free and organic farming practices. Mr. Godhani’s family heritage ensures their expertise in this area.

2. Supporting Farmers

They assist farmers who are already engaged in organic farming or are interested in transitioning. Over 100+ farmers benefit from their support.

3. Connecting with Organics

Naturamrut Organics supplies high-quality organic, natural, and healthy products directly from farmers to health-conscious consumers. 

4. Promoting Healthy Eating

They actively encourage a shift towards chemical-free produce and a healthy lifestyle for both farmers and consumers.

Our Certifications


FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certificate ensures food safety compliance for businesses in India, promoting public health.


Organic certificates in India are issued by accredited agencies to verify compliance with organic farming and food production standards.


Jaivik Bharat Organic Certificates verify organic agricultural products in India, ensuring compliance with organic farming standards and practices.